Abnormal sound of Clutch Release Bearings

Abnormal sound of Clutch Release Bearings?

Diagnosing a Clutch Bearing or Bushing Noise

The role of clutch release bearing

Clutch release bearing installed between the clutch and gearbox, te release bearing is setting up on the shaft of the transmission for the first tubular extension, by rotating a releasse bearings can make separation lever side edge of the clutch output shaft axial movement, so as to ensure the clutch can engage a smooth, separation of downy, reduce wear and prolong the service life of the clutch and the whole drive train.

Abnormal sound of Clutch Release Bearings


The performance of a broken clutch release bearing

If the release bearing is broken down, when free travel just eliminated, there will be “rustle” or “squeak” sound, continue to step on the clutch pedal after we started the engine,  if the sound disappeared, it is not the separation of bearing problem, if there is still sound, is the release of bearing ring.

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Must we have to replace the clutch release bearing when abnormal sound appears?

clutch release bearing is a very important auto part of the car, under normal circumstances, the service life is the same as the clutch assembly, but once break down, in addition to the cause of poor lubrication, repair factories are recommended to replace directly, and need to carry out quite troublesome disassembly, will also consume a lot of man-hours.  If the problem of abnormal noise affects normal driving, it should be fixed, unless you want to experience the feeling of driving in fear every day.

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