2022 Where should traditional fuel cars go under the wave of new energy vehicles?

In 2021, the sales volume of new energy vehicles has reached 2.14 million, accounting for 20% of the total. On one side is the rapidly increasing sales of new energy vehicles, on the other side is the continuous decline of traditional fuel cars.  The trends of the automobile market has been rapidly shifting to new energy vehicles, so where is the future of traditional fuel cars?

new energy vehicles VS fuel cars

2.Can extended-range engine turn the tide?

Li auto one as the first person to eat crab, step by step to become the head of the new energy vehicles now, monthly sales of more than 10,000 is commonplace, alone with a product can stand out in the new energy vehicles market, is really commendable.

Therefore, dongfeng high-end brand VOYAH after admission, and Nissan E-power came, want to make a breakthrough in the field of extended-range engine cars.

Li auto one

2. Can Toyota Hybrid dominate the auto market?

The Toyota twin-engine hybrid is indeed the best petrol engine of our time, and the technology blockade has kept other manufacturers, even Volkswagen, from playing with it.  But have you found recently, there are more and more manufacturers of hybrid models on the market, SUCH as QIN DMI of BYD and HYBRID GS8 of GAC, and more and more manufacturers have joined the hybrid track.  But Toyota has been touting hydrogen for the obvious reason that it needs truly clean energy.



Both extenders and hybrids should be transitional products, not the new energy products of the future, which will inevitably be abandoned, but they may still be around for a long time.

Fuel cars in a short time will not disappear, but the share will continue to reduce, the major manufacturers have declared that they will stop production of fuel cars in the future, so how to make their efforts to live?  Has become the inevitable reality of the current traditional car enterprises. Now,BYD is the first enterprise who announced they will stop producing fuel cars in year of 2022.


It is an indisputable fact that there will be fewer and fewer fuel cars in the future.  It is no exaggeration to say that the future may become a “luxury” car, so the traditional fuel car needs to become a classic, boutique, and a resounding brand. We also hope that there will be a “Chinese Porsche” in the automotive circle in the future.

1. Performance maximization.

Traditional fuel cars have the irreplaceable performance of new energy vehicles reflected by the engine, shift performance, engine sound, high-speed power and so on. These fuel cars can play out of the performance, to the extreme, I believe that there are users willing to pay for them.


2. Product customization and intelligence.

Fuel oil car stays in the traditional design concept obviously has fallen behind the current era of rapid development, the old three methods have been unable to fight these new energy players.  You can’t say you’re smart without a big screen, you can’t say you’re smart without an auto-adjusting seat, you can’t say you’re auto-accelerating without an ACC adaptive cruise.

Color, interior, configuration can be different according to the user’s choice, and is no longer a word of empty talk.  The era of people building what they want, not using what the automakers built, is over.  Only everything from the user of the product design to pull, stay users.


3. Join forces with Internet giants

Huawei and Xiaokang, Baidu and Changan, Ali and SAIC, 360 and Nezha, Internet companies are pouring into the automobile market. Traffic and technology are constantly pouring into traditional cars, breaking the pattern of the automobile market and creating more possibilities for them.


In the future,the highlight of the traditional fuel car has already passed.  In the current wave of new energy vehicles, how to adapt to the era of rapid development, has become a must face the problem, where is the road of traditional fuel vehicles?

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