How to bleed air out of clutch slave cylinder?

Firstly,quickly step on the clutch pedal 2-3 times when exhausting then step the clutch pedal  to the end. Loosen the connecting pipe nut of the master cylinder in order to bleed air in front of the oil pipeline. Tighten the connecting pipe nut and then loosen the pedal, repeat the above operation 4-6 times.

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Use a plastic hose on one end of the vent bolt, the other end is connected to a transparent container, slowly and repeatedly press down the clutch pedal, if the speed of the reciprocating press down the clutch pedal is too fast, the air in the cylinder will not be able to drain, each time to relax the clutch pedal to return to the highest position.

One person presses on the clutch pedal, the other person unscrews the vent bolt to let the hydraulic oil flow into the transparent container, and then tightens the vent bolt. Repeat the procedure several times until the hydraulic oil is free of air.  The discharged hydraulic oil is dissolved into air and can only be used after placing it for more than 30min. Add the oil level of the oil storage tank to normal.

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Exhausting air is very difficult when some car’s clutch slave cylinder replaced, you can use the following method: when one person steps on the clutch, another person takes off the pump return spring, with pry bar or other tools to separate the clutch, the other steps are the same as above.  The spring force of the clutch separation bearing return spring should be checked in the secondary maintenance;  If the pedal is too heavy, add grease to the pedal shaft;  Check the clutch for slippage, shaking, incomplete separation, unstable engagement and other faults, if any, disassemble the clutch and complete the relevant work items.

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How to bleed air out of  clutch master cylinder?