On March 2, 2021, “the 50,000th Auman automatic heavy truck and the 500,000th auman heavy truck equipped with the fourth generation of ZF automatic transmission” ceremony was held in Auman Gigafactory. As the pioneer of automatic heavy truck market in Chinar, Mr Foton Daimler trucks become China’s first automatic heavy trucks sales of 50000 units of the commercial vehicle enterprises, “the man creates history, more far ahead with outstanding product strength and market sales, really laid the Auman automatic-shift heavy truck of Kings, To lead the Chinese heavy truck industry into a new era of automatic transmission.


As we all know, safety, efficiency and cost are the core issues that determine whether logistics transportation makes money. The logistics industry is accelerating to intelligent, large-scale and intensive development, and truck drivers born in the 1980s and 1990s have become the main group.  Therefore, it can effectively improve the efficiency of transportation, increase profits, and more high-end, safer, more comfortable automatic heavy truck is favored.


Automatic transmission central slave cylinder

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SACHS 6482000155-volvo-trucks

Auman automatic trucks carrying  X of the super power chain by Mr Cummins, with its own advantage, form a complete set of system to share 253 scenario, the core data of 103 cases, to build a strong and dedicated to the auman automatic-shift  X super power chains, cooperate with the perfect of the vehicle, to become the most original super power.


Auman automatic transmission heavy truckmatches the fourth generation of ZF automatic transmission, which adopts the synchronous European and American heavy truck leading integrated design, leading the external mounted transmission 2 generation products, generation difference is obvious, and after the global 500 million users 200 billion kilometers of actual working conditions verification. Therefore, the excellent transmission performance makes the shifting logic of Auman automatic heavy truck intelligent and accurate. In terms of the smoothness and speed of shifting, the maneuverability is better, the shifting is in place in one step, and the adaptability of working conditions is stronger.