Why your clutch gear shifting so hard?

Generally speaking, driving manual shift model cars can get a better driving experience. But because of manual shifting, the operation is also a little bit difficult. Sometimes there will be hard to shift, so why your clutch gear shift so hard?

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Clutch gear shift Inspections:

Remove the cover of the clutch before shift to “N”,and step down to the end of the pedal. Then try to twirl the clutch disc by a screwdriver to make sure whether the clutch disc circling well enough. If the clutch disc can not circling well which means this clutch can not be disengaged.

clutch gear shift Solutions:

  1. For hydraulic transmission clutch system,we also have to make sure whether the brake fluid is enough and no oil leakage. Meanwhile,the operator has to push all the air out of the tube when install the clutch slave cylinder.
  2. Inspect and adjust the clutch free travel.
  3. Inspect and make sure the clutch disc installed at a right direction. And inspect the size of the new clutch disc,especially the thickness.
  4. Inspect and make the clutch disengaging lever is same with the original parts.

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5. Transmission shaft is rusted which makes the clutch disc can not move normally and shift hard.
6. The driving strap of the clutch pressure plate deformed which meed to be replaced a new one.
7. There is a running-in time if your car is new bought.
8. Shift hard also appearance in cold weather because the transmission fluid can not meet a standard lubrication effect.
9. Regularly change the transmission fluid and make the gear lubricated all time.

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Driving a manual gear-shift car will bring you a special and pleasant driving experience. Depending on different driving habits and car wear parts, will make the car gear shift difficult. Please make timely car maintenance and repair in order to keep a pleasant driving experience.


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