Clutch disc burn out, many drivers must have heard or encountered, so why did this happen? Product Design Variations

First of all, the clutch pedal should be checked with the free travel.If yes, directly perform the following operations;If not, please adjust the free travel to continue.

clutch disc tractor

How to do it: Put on gear, apply the brake, release the clutch, and slowly refuel.

Case 1: when the engine speed is reduced, it will stall, indicating that the clutch is normal;

Case 2: if the speed is normal only slightly decreased, abnormal sound, odor, this indicates that the clutch disc burn out, need to be replaced with new one.

Clutch plate on an axle with bearing.

What reasons caused clutch disc burn out?

Reason 1:

Some drivers  in the ramp intersection while waiting for a red light, like to use the clutch half linkage (half separation) to stop the car, such as the intersection signal into a green light to refueling through;There are some drivers in the city traffic jam situation to follow the driving habit, like to use the clutch half linkage to control the speed.The above operation, will make the clutch often in engagement, separation or half slip state, accelerate the clutch friction plate, pressure plate wear, also harmful to the safety of driving. It will easily makes the clutch disc burn out.

Reason 2:

Drivers in the operation of the fierce lift, put the clutch pedal, will make the clutch plate and pressure plate suddenly combined, a lot of instantaneous friction can not be effectively relieved, easy to cause the clutch plate decomposition and wear the pressure plate surface.Therefore, the loosening clutch speed should be gentle.Too fast loose clutch, friction plate bears too much impact force, not only accelerated the friction plate itself wear, at the same time the damage to the clutch gear is also very huge, greatly shorten the service life of the engine.

Reason 3:

Improper adjustment of clutch clearance, improper choice of gear condition (such as the use of high-grade position when uphill or load starting), resulting in clutch slip phenomenon, the most likely to burn the clutch plate, so we must avoid as far as possible.

3 Common knowledge of clutch disc burn out 5

Correct uses of clutch to avoid clutch disc burn out

1. Adjust the free travel of the clutch pedal, and the appropriate separation clearance is recommended: 1-2mm for passenger cars and 2-4mm for commercial vehicles.

2. Start in first gear.Especially for heavy trucks, if the gear is slightly higher, with a big throttle start, the clutch burn out easily.

3. After starting, leave the clutch pedal with your left foot.Nothing do not step on the clutch or put your foot on the clutch pedal for a long time, otherwise it is easy to produce the clutch in a semi-clutch state, which is also easy to damage the clutch separation bearing.

4. Decelerate on the way to the brake, left foot do not step on the clutch (unless emergency braking), in addition to the car start, shift or low speed (20km/h below) when driving the brake, the need to step on the clutch pedal, other time do not randomly step on the clutch.

All in all,the clutch kit of the car in the normal running, is in a tight engagement state, the clutch should not slip.  When driving, in addition to the car start, shift and low speed brake need to step on the clutch pedal, other time do not have nothing to step on the clutch pedal, or the foot on the clutch pedal.  When driving the foot on the clutch pedal for a long time, it is easy to cause the clutch slip, clutch disc ablation and other phenomena, and even the clutch pressure plate, flywheel end face ablation pull, resulting in the clutch compression spring annealing failure.  At the same time, still can lead to cost oil, cost car, increase the cost of traveling.  

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