The Best 10 Reasons of Release bearing breaking. Release bearing is a very important part of the car, because of the long-term naked leakage state, such as do not pay attention to maintenance or improper driving operation is easy to damage, then how we can do if the release bearing or hydraulic release bearing breaking?  How to use the clutch properly if clutch slipping?

Release bearing breaking analysis report

一.Mechanic release bearing breaking analysis


release bearing breaking

1.Grease loss in the release bearing, oil loss inside the bearing (no grease)

A. Due to the harsh working environment, the vehicle works in A harsh environment for A long time, resulting in high temperature inside the bearing and grease loss.

B. Bad sealing and oil leakage.


A. Reduce the temperature in the separation case.

B, the correct use of the clutch system, not overload.

C. Replace with new products.

Release bearing breaking analysis report 4

2.Large starting torque causes abnormal sound of bearing

Solution: reduce the starting torque of the bearing, the requirement is less than or equal to 4N·cm.

Release bearing breaking analysis report 6

3.Bearing working face wear

A. The hardness of bearing separation working face is unqualified, and the wear amount is ≥0.5mm.

B. Clutch separation refers to frequent contact with bearing separation working face and improper adjustment.


A. Adjust the normal clearance between the separation point and the working face.

B. Check the hardness of the product.

Release bearing breaking analysis report 8

4.The fork is detached from the working face of the sleeve seat

Solution: Dialing fork and sleeve seat reasonable match.

Release bearing breaking analysis report 10

5. Support working face wear

A, the support surface due to hardness is not qualified, working face wear ≥ 0.5mm.

B. The fork does not match the sleeve seat.


A. The fork is reasonably matched with the sleeve seat.

B. Spot check product hardness.

Release bearing breaking analysis report 12

6.The temperature rise causes the release bearing to burn out

A. The external high temperature causes the loss of grease in the bearing.

B, the bearing seal is not good, grease loss.

C. Prevent loose clasp ring from contacting bearing, resulting in friction temperature rise.

D. Too small free travel or too many loading times.

E. The driver often steps the clutch pedal, which leads to a larger clutch free travel.


A. Replace the release bearing.

B. Correct installation of automobile clutch and release bearing.

C. Train drivers to properly operate clutch separation operation.

二.Hydraulic release bearing breaking analysis

Compared with mechanical release bearings, hydraulic release bearings have the following advantages: high system integration, simple structure, simple installation, high efficiency, lightweight, excellent price and so on.

Sealing ring of separation bearing is loose

1.Sealing ring of separation bearing is loose

A. The sealing ring is not well matched with the sealing groove, the sealing ring is loose, the bearing rotates in the sealing groove or leaks oil.

Solution: It is recommended to replace the new separation bearing.

 abnormal sound of bearing

2.There is abnormal sound when it is on clutch and driving with gear

A. The driver’s long-term semi-clutch operation causes bearing wear.

B. The separation bearing is stuck or the axial clearance is too large.


A. Guide the driver to drive correctly, avoid semi-clutch operation, and maintain the bearing regularly, remove impurities from the separated bearing and fully lubricate it.

B. If the separation bearing is seriously worn or burned out, it is recommended to replace the new bearing and fully lubricate it before installation.

oil leakage

3.Oil leakage(csc-leaking)

A. Corrosion and aging of the sealing ring.

B. The rubber sealing ring inside the gearbox is subjected to temperature alternation of heating and cooling for a long time, resulting in the loss of a large amount of plasticizer and softener in the sealing ring, and the problem of corrosion and aging occurs.

C. Unilateral tilt of the mounting surface is not fitted during installation.


A. Replace the new separation bearing.

B. During installation, attention should be paid to cleaning and the installation screws should be diagonal to avoid the phenomenon of unilateral tilt of the installation surface not fitting.