2021 Clutch Release Bearing Manufacturers China

What is clutch release bearing?

Clutch release bearing plays an important role of auto parts within transmission system.It’s installed between clutch and transmission. It can make the separation lever side rotation and side along the clutch output shaft axial movement, in order to ensure that the clutch can engaged smoothly, soft disengaged, reduce wear, prolong the service life of the clutch and the whole transmission system. Clutch release bearings can be divided into mechanical clutch release bearings and hydraulic release bearings which also called central slave cylinders or concentric slave cylinders.

Clutch Release Bearing Manufacturers

Why choose a trade compay to help you source from China?

Now there are many clutch release bearing manufacturers in China,which mostly centered in Zhejiang and Shandong province. Customers like you mostly like to buy directly from factory. But many of you also want to buy others like clutch cover,clutch disc,flywheel and CSC bearings which most mechanical clutch release bearings can not produce. So it seems a much complicated sourcing procedure becasue maybe you have to collect more than 5 or 6 factories to fullfill your order list. Although we are trader company,we have rich experiences by sourcing directly from factories in China for more than 10 years.

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And we have large supplier database to meet your diversified purchasing needs. And we have large purchase amount annually so we have better price or euqal price than yours. Considering we have stable purchasing,we also have stable product quality control. Because of the impact of COVID-19,many of our customers cannot visit China. And they are much eager to find someone reliable to help them purchase products from China. So why you not consider us,and still insist on by purchasing by yourself?

TZ clutch supplies is your best partner with providing best solution for transmission products!

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