Automatic gear starts too slowly?

Now there are more and more people with rich money. They choose to buy automatic gear cars, because it’s really much convenient. People who buy manual gear cars know that it is very tired to drive in the city. There are many traffic lights and must always keep stepping on the clutch, so that the left foot is very tired.  Driving an automatic gear cars is very easy, they just need to step on the brake, no clutch, completely liberated the left foot.  But when the traffic light is green, some automatic gear cars start slower than the manual, so what is the reason?  A lot of people start out at a wrong way.

Automatic gear

Generally a lot of people will only choose D gear to start,but when starting an automatic gear car, but they will feel angry and helpless when slower than others even accelerate pedal to the end.  It feels like an automatic gear car costs more than a stick shift, but why it starts so much slower than a stick shift.  It makes you want to cry.

automatic gear car

How did veteran driver start an automatic gear car?

Actually this problem can’t blame the car, it’s only blame you that you drive the automatic gear car at a wong way. You have to know that automatic transmission also have D1, D2 and D3, or have a plenty of S. In D gear,the gap between engine and revs is rapidly progressive, and even if you hit the gas pedal to the bottom, you only slowly pick up speed.  If you put your first foot deep on the gas pedal in D gear, and then release it slowly, you’ll notice an instant increase in speed as you step on the gas pedal.  But if you want to go faster, you can go in S (sport mode), where you are much faster to start and overtake than in D.  


The car is only a means of transport, in fact, the speed is not so important as long as you can drive home safely that is the best car.  Don’t drive a car, see someone else to overtake your car, you have to overtake others, so accidentally will cause unnecessary accidents.  Even if your car is faster, do not compare with others in speed, safety is the most important, and people who do not drive in D gear when stepping on the accelerator, will also cause engine load operation, speed can not come up, and the engine is also harmful.  


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