The development trend of transmission in 2021?

With the announcement of the timetable for banning fuel vehicles in various countries around the world, as well as the comprehensive efforts of major car companies in the field of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles ushered in a big explosion in 2020.

new energy vehicles - 2021 what will be the development trend of transmission in the era of new energy vehicles?

New energy vehicles continue to increase the market share, at the same time it also brought great change and progress of automobile technology, the arrival of new technology will inevitably lead to the regression or even disappearance of some traditional technology.  So, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, whether it also shows that the end of the era of fuel cars is coming?  

Transmission is not as important for pure electric cars.

Transmission is one of the core components of traditional fuel car, it has two basic functions, one is with the clutch, to ensure the normal start of the car, not because of the start load is too large and flamed;  Second, in the process of constantly changing the speed of the car owner, through the gear switch (speed ratio) to make the engine stable at the working speed.  It has a crucial impact on the driving experience of the car, but in the new energy vehicle sector, it doesn’t seem to be that important.  Because the motor of electric vehicles can rely on its own perfect system to make the vehicle run normally, and the effect of transmission on improving drivability is limited, if added another one, the vehicle weight will increase and the cost will also increase.

At present, most of the domestic pure electric vehicles don’t have the transmission of physical sense, many people may see some car file to display and see a gear on the instrument, but in fact they are cater to consumer to simulate the gear and the motor itself does not need gear mechanism auxiliary can work under various speed stability.

vehicle transmission - 2021 what will be the development trend of transmission in the era of new energy vehicles?

Pure electric vehicles on the market are basically single speed transmission, such as Tesla, BMW I3, BAIC ELECTRIC vehicle, Qichen Morwind, BYD E5, Emgrand EV, Tengze and so on.  The advantages are: low cost, simple structure and easy installation, small failure rate, small power loss, small volume.  Disadvantages: When the speed of electric vehicles reaches the limit, there is no room for improvement, so the speed of electric vehicles is restricted, and the high-speed economy is not high.  At constant power, electric cars with asynchronous motors go faster, but not faster when matched with fixed-tooth gearboxes.  Even the tesla, which has strong acceleration, also has poor acceleration in the middle and rear segments due to the fixed gear ratio transmission.

In addition, pure electric vehicles can not carry ordinary transmission, the main reason is that the volume and weight is too large compared with electric vehicles, the original battery pack will occupy the entire chassis space, there is no too much space to put;  Secondly, the efficiency is not high enough!  Take the high transmission efficiency of the dual clutch transmission for example, the actual transmission efficiency is about 87%, which means that the original battery pack of 100 km of range, after the wheels only 87 km.  At the same time, considering the weight of the factor, may also make the actual range decreased!

The function of the motor is much simpler and more powerful than that of the fuel engine. Electric cars can run normally without transmission. Then, why increase the cost?

Transmission development trends

manual transmission car - 2021 what will be the development trend of transmission in the era of new energy vehicles?

Electric vehicles will account for more than 80 percent of China’s vehicle production by 2030.  Hybrid cars will still carry AT, DCT and ECVT;  In the short term, pure electric vehicles take reducer as the mainstream and two-stage transmission as the trend.  For hybrids, it still remains a core component.  Hybrid vehicles AT and DCT can be carried, but they need special modification.  ECVT has the advantages of simple structure, high transmission efficiency and good comfort. It can be predicted that the market share of ECVT will increase greatly after the patent protection expires. DCT has high feasibility of the main drive before and after the scheme in the short term, and the long-term trend is BSG+DCT odd axis motor structure with high degree of aggregation.  For pure electric, two-stage transmission is the trend.  In the short term, due to technical reasons, almost all transmission of pure electric vehicles on the market are single-stage decelerators. In the long term, two-stage transmission can better improve motor efficiency and high-speed performance, which will become a trend.

Many people recognized secondary transmission will be the future development trend of the personage inside course of study thinks, it can make the motor more working in high efficient area, motor working torque than the fixed gear reducer, thus reducing the working current of the motor, reduce the loss of the motor to burn group, improve the work efficiency of the motor.

Pure electric vehicles - 2021 what will be the development trend of transmission in the era of new energy vehicles?

There are also experts believe that, for pure electric vehicles, in order to improve the traditional ratio, achieve the maximum speed and maximum climbing slope, it can be improved, the use of five-gear transmission, can achieve the improvement of vehicle performance.  At present, it has been realized industrialization, and two block transmission development results are obviously not obvious, so, five block transmission can be directly applied to existing technologies and achievements, to achieve lower development costs, and it’s not high to the requirement of the battery, motor, is likely to be the main development direction of electric cars in the future.

The auto industry must prepare for every possible technology in the future, and the future certainly does not belong to battery-powered electric vehicles.

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